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Riot Industries

Phil Renaud is a designer and developer in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
He makes things for the web.

Riot Industries

The Relaunch.

March 23rd, 2013

For a long time, when I first started working on the web, I advocated constant engagement with users, but never did it myself. My portfolio updates were erratic at best, rare at worst. Maybe it was my relative discomfort with the idea of publishing my work like a stream-of-consciousness when I wanted everything to look as polished as I'd have it when showing to a client - or maybe I just got busy.

Probably both are true. Happily, I've become much more comfortable contributing publicly in places like Dribble and GitHub, and obviously on Twitter.

Riot Industries should serve as my creative stream-of-consciousness - I'll be pushing code, design, and articles here as they come to me. My goal isn't perfection, it's user engagement, and keeping this in mind should, at the least, keep my updates honest if not frequent.

I've built the Portfolio from the scratch, and I've organized the whole shebang with Kirby. I'll be writing how the design and the interactions came to be in future posts.

For now, take a look around - peruse the portfolio and feel free to share or give me feedback (there's probably plenty that isn't working, so please do let me know) - I'm excited to be writing and publishing on the web again!